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and i forgot to ask what the advantage of cooling the mofsets???
-barton xp3000 @ 2.62ghz (12x218.35) 2.0vcore
-abit NF7-S v2 W/ matched Corsair XMS twinx 2x256mb pc3200LLPT ram
-cooling (Innova X-flow block, Innova dual 120 rad + Thermochill triple 120 rad, Eheim 1048 w/ tankomatic Reservoir)
-160gig WD sata, 80gig WD SE, 60g maxtor,
-x800pro w/ Graph-O-Matic Rev2 H20 block
-logitec z5300 5.1
-Chieftec Matrix full tower w/ Antec True430
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