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Originally Posted by graftonater
ok so basically i am looking for my first watercooling system...been using air atm for 1 year.....ASUS a7n8x (rev1.4) gfx card not o/c (9700 pro) 2100xp pro running at 194*12 (2328) 512 mb 3200 twinmos w/winbond ram, and basically its vv noisy with my sk7+ and 45 cfm fan, i jst need a recommendation for a really good water cooling system...budget is not so much of a worry just nee one that will do a very good job and sint too noisy.....any recommendations or guesess of how mch harder i cld push the rig?
(btw soz about dbl posting of thsi didnt know where to put it :/)

First of all, do you know enough about watercooling? Or at least the basics?

You might want to read that :

Then, a do-it-yourself system will probably be much better than any commercial one. Just pick the parts you feel that cover you. Feel free to ask any questions if you feel like doing so, but I think that article will cover you (if your actually read it).
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