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CPU Scaling - diminishing returns

I was expecting dimmishing returns as I raised the vocre, but my testing deems to be erratic rather than dimishing returns.

XP2100+ T-bred "B"

By HW (1.60v) - 2126Mhz (11x193)

1.575v (1.63v) - 2145MHz (11x195) +19MHz

1.60v (1.65v) - 2170Mhz (11x197) +25MHz

1.625v (1.68v) - 2185MHz (11x199) +15MHz

1.65v (1.70v) - 2205MHz (11x200) +20MHz

Mobo has no 201MHz setting.

1.675v (1.73v) - 2251MHz (11x204) + 46Mhz

1.70v (1.75v) - 2260MHz (11x205) + 9MHz

1.725v (1.78v) - 2297MHz (11x208) + 37Mhz

1.75v (1.8v) - 2315MHz (11x210) +18MHz

1.775v - did not test

1.80v (1.85) - 2363MHz (11.5x205) + 48MHz

This is the highest vcore my motherbard can support.
ASUS A7V600 (Bios Rev. 1.008)
AMD Athlon XP1800+ DLT3C JIUHB 0309 TPMW @ 2100MHz (10.5x200) @ 1.50v vcore
2x256MB Twinmoss PC2700 (CL2.5) @ 400MHz (CL2-3-3-7 2T) @ 2.55v vdimm
ALX-800 w/ 80mm HAC-V81 fan
MSI Star Force GeForce FX 5700 128TD 425MHz/555MHz @ 475MHz/650MHz
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