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Originally Posted by Staz
I was going to go down to Best Buy tomarrow bright and early (well dark and really early) and pick a Lite on DVD burner for my wife for Xmas.

The drive can burn DVD-R, DVD+R, and DVD+RW. Which media should I get her to go with it?

I was also going to get her DVD X-Copy Gold to go with it. Is this a good program for burning DVDs?
Personally staz as there is little difference between the media (as for compatibility) and dvd-r is cheaper id go with that.
For software nero is still my favourite and has some "interesting" options and I think we'll leave it there
Alchohol 120% is also a fine piece of software. Not sure what your after doing with the burner to recommend anything else
I was one of the early adopters - stuck with a 2x DVD burner for the time being heh
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