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Highly dependent on other HW in the house. Some DVD-ROM drives can read only + or -, others both, others neither. Then, the same applies to DVD players.

The best thing you can do is research what you have in the house. In my case, I found that my player could handle everything, but most of my DVDroms could only read -, so I stick with that.

Most of the arguements surrounding -/+ revolve around future speed step ups, which don't help you at all. They are about the same price for blanks... just make sure you get 4x only, which only take 15minutes to burn... I got stuck with 1x recently, and it is really annoying. Blanks today are a lot like CDr was many years ago. There are a lot of shady disks out there, even brand names have problems. Stay away from fuji, can't burn full disk, and have many problems.
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