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So do I Dan, but the wife really wants one for x-mas. I keep telling her that they are too expensive and haven't settled on a format yet so we still have to wait. I think she will be pleased x-mas morning.

Hey Robbie
I got real luck with my wife in the fact that she hates shopping and loves technology. She used to love telling people that her computer was faster than the fast computer that you could buy. Now she just tells them that her computer is "Kick A$$".

Sometimes it is a curse though. Last year I bought her an Axim PDA for x-mas. It was expensive enough in itself but then after x-mas she went out and bought like $400 in accessories for it. This year she asked for a Samsung 21.3" LCD monitor. And not the one with the silver bezel but the one with the black. She ain't gettin' it! But I garuntee she will have it before tax time.

She was looking at the stand alone DVD recorders but she wasn't happy about the way that they recorded. They record like a VCR, simple start and stop of the video feed. She also wanted to be able to record the TV shows that she watches by putting in a blank disc and pushing record. I forsee a stand alone DVD recorder in my futre but not until the prices come down.

So I guess I will check out my DVD player and DVD Roms and see whats up. I will most likely pick up a 10 pack of each and try them out.

Best Buy was a mad house. And it was outreageously cold standing inline. Got down to 42. Burr.
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