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Talking 8rda+ (rev1.1) FSB 217 stable :)

Hi everyone!!!!!!
I am so happy!!!!!!!! Today i bought new memory (Kingston HyperX 3500 256mb).
Kingston is the best memory in the world!!!!! (maybe Corsair too)

I was using Kingmax DDR 400 512mb memory stick before and it only could run on 133Mhz(!!!!!!!!!) stable.(Ofcourse i tried everything to push it a bit).
I hate ****ing Kingmax!!!

But everything changed with HyperX !!!!!!!!!
Now i have :
1. 8rda+ (rev.1.1) c18d
2. 256mb Kingston HyperX DDR434 (100% synch. with fsb)
3. AMD Athlon XP 2000+(thoroughbred B) @ 217x10 = AthlonXP 2600+
4. Geforce 4 MX 440 SE 64mb (315/411)
Prime95 3 hours STABLE!!!!!! MEMtest 600% STABLE!!!!! 3DMark 2001SE Demo Stable 2 hours!!!!!

Vcore 1.80, Vdd 1.6, Vdimm 2.6 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND ABSOLUTLY NO ADDITIONAL COOLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (exept on cpu, vga and one 8x8 fan in chassis)!!!

Isn't it perfect???!!!!! KINGSTON IS THE KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I recomend on every epox mobo!!!!!!!!!!

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