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Originally Posted by Daniel ~
Tell me about the + and - thing and I'll forgive the lapse! ":O}
+ & - are 2 competing technologies for burning and rewritables. - is the older technology and I've read that 4 to 8x is the max it is capable of. The + is newer and is supposed to be able to go faster. With prices coming down quickly, it looks like + has won. However there is a catch. DVDRoms and DVD console units that have been around for a while, may or may not be able to read these burned disks. Many were made before +/- even existed so it is hit and miss. Some sites offer info on unit compatibility. Even then, it appears that some units are sensitive not only to +/- but also the dye used, and therefore the brand of the disk itself. Guys who burn a ton usually find a brand that works well for them and their HW, and stick with it. I think it may be another year or 2 before there is more consistent compatibility. This also means you may have to buy a new DVD player to not have to care which technology or disk brand you are using... This assumes of course that you buy a unit that guarantees compatibility with both + & -.

Example. I have 3 pioneer s106 DVDROMs. They are the slot load model. These can read -R, -RW & +RW. They cannot read +R. Even with the same model, I have found my wife's unit to be very sensitive. I can read from mine, but on her's often even newly burn disks report an error.
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