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I'm not an expert on this, but I think it is not a matter of a law specifically banning or permitting backups.. Instead, there was a specific court decision that in essense said that it was not a violation of copyright law to copy or backup for the purpose of protecting rightfully obtained material. This goes back quite a few years to when the entertainment industry tried to outlaw VCRs on the premise that the product (VCR) was a tool inherently used for copyright infringement. The court disagreed and also provided that the product had a valid use and the mfgrs of VCR were not responsible for any pirating enabled by the their product. Having lost their battle, the entertainment industry responded by doing something to VHS movies so that direct copies of VHS movies were not possible.

For DVDs, encryption has already been cracked so they are looking for the next level... High Def DVDs should be out in the not too distant future, and you can bet that there will be new levels of encryption added.

OH, and before I stop babbling... I don't think there is a specific limit to the number of backups, ie, temp to HDD to burn a DVD should be ok.
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