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BTTB: You asked for a recommended EPoX board, I gave you two, and they are both excellent baords. I have used a dozen EPoX boards in recent times, 8K3A, 8K3A+, 8RDA, 8RDA+, & 8RGA+ , they were all quality equipment, now I just happen to be using a competitors boards.
Golf is a good walk spoiled! ( Mark Twain )

Abit NF7-S rev 2.0 Barton 2500 AQZFA0340SPMW 11 x 214
w/SLK900A & 92 mm fan (38 deg C)
2 x WD400JD---Gainward Ti4200 8 X AGP
Twinmos PC3200 w/ Winbond chips 2 X 256
600 watt dual fan psu

Abit NF7-S rev 2.0 XP1700DLT3C 10 x 225
SK7 with 80mm smartfan ( 37 deg C )
Gainward FX5200 128 Mb DDR
2 x 40 Gb Maxtor ATA 133 drives
Buffalo PC3200 2 x 256 CH5 chips
650 watt dual fan power supply

WinXP Pro, SP1, nVidia 3.13 on both
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