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Originally Posted by golfer49
BTTB: You asked for a recommended EPoX board, I gave you two, and they are both excellent baords. I have used a dozen EPoX boards in recent times, 8K3A, 8K3A+, 8RDA, 8RDA+, & 8RGA+ , they were all quality equipment, now I just happen to be using a competitors boards.
Sure, no problem. I understand. Im using the 8K3A+ at the moment and its an excellent product. it might be a little slower than the newer boards, but it does what I want it to do. Even if I could get my hands on another one of these models I would be happy, but I doubt anyone has any stock left of them. Epox has very good stable platforms in their range. I was just hoping to be able to determine which was the "best of the best" for my Nephews. Im tempted at the 8KRA2+ after I looked at the review on AMDZone. It got 95%. Not bad at all for a non NForce board. Im keen perhaps on a non NForce2 solution as I have noticed some people having troubles with the high quality CL2 Ram. Not to mention the NForce driver problems.
Im running 2 sticks of Corsair PC3500CL2 on my 8K3A+, even at 200FSB with all settings set at Turbo. No problems at all. Good lil workhorse.

My mobo before was a 8K7A+ which was very fast too. But it had PS2 problems and I had to return it. I must say I prefer Epox to Asus or Gigabyte. But I have had my eye on that Abit that you own. Just that their isnt any suppliers here in my area yet. They are opening a branch next year.

Later for myself I hope to get a AMD 64 Board with 939 pins. But I will wait for that as they arent available yet. It must include 2xLan, Sata and IE Raid, plus allthe frills and whistles. That would be next upgrade for myself. I love AMD.
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