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4PCA3+ OC help

OK first off the system specs:

4PCA3+ rev 2.2
2.6c batch Q337A275 (Think its a malay) CPUZ reports stepping 9 rev D1
2X256 Kingston HX3200K2
2 80 gig Hitachi SATA drives in Raid 0
Gainward GF3 Ti200 video card
Sound Blaster Audigy Gamer
Win XP home
Home made watercooling rig, temps never go above 40 deg c under load

Now the problems:

Best stable overclock is 250 fsb 5:4 divider with aggressive timings 2 2 2 6 with the Vcore at 1.6 Vagp at 1.6 and the vdimm at 2.9.No matter what I do with the memory timings and voltages 250 stable is pretty much it.If I disable HT I can get into windows at 260 or so but prime errors immediately. Memtested the memory overnight and found no errors. I think its a CPU/Mobo voltage problem as no matter what I set the vdimm to in bio it will not go above 2.9_. If I upp the Vcore and vagp it seems to draw the vdimm down even more.....Tried different PSU and they read close to the same.....The main reason I wanted to try a higher Vdimm is that I was under the impression that the KHX3200K2 memory used BH5 and it likes 3.0+ volts but now that I read some posts in ohter furums I am not so sure.........Another clue its not memory related it I can switch to 6:4 and OC will not get any better....Can anyone help me out with this? I am supicious that the mobo is doing something funky with the voltages also because in CPUZ the cpu is actually the vcore voltage I just figured out last night.....What should I do? RMA mobo? Bad CPU for Overclocking? I am at a loss for what to do next.
I do know I really like this mobo but 250 fsb with the 5:4 divider on water is very dissapointing......TIA for any help!

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