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Originally Posted by The Running Man
are these boards good for mild to heavy O/Cin, and also to setup a few HDD's.

They offer a RAID 0/1 config don't they with all the IDE ports?

I run raid 0 with 2 satas and its plenty fast enough for me......

thinking of putting a 2.6C in it, how do they O/C?
If you want to OC it then I would get a 2.4C instead..I built both the last couple weeks on 4PCA3+ mobos and my 2.4c is currently at 285 fsb stable while it was a struggle to get 250 stable with the 2.6c.....Probably due the to 12X multi on the 2.4 allowing higher fsb....Overall I like the mobos but I do have a voltage issue where the bios does not read the right voltages for the vdimm vagp and vcore and the vdimm will not go above 3.07 (actually measured on the mobo) no matter what you set it to.....
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