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did you check to see if your new bits were compatible, because mobo's dont like uncompatible stuff. you'll probable find that you've over clocked your board and its now toast.

when you buy your new mobo, make sure it will take at least AMD XP3000+, and make sure the ddr ram slots are backwards compatible.

may i sugest somthing like:
Epox EP-8KRA2+ Motherboard

CPU Socket:Supports 462-pin Socket-A for AMD Athlon XP/ Duron processors with up to 400MHz FSB. LAN: 100Mb Fast Ethernet from onboard VIA VT6103 PHY by RJ45 connector. Special Features: Support KBPO (Keyboard Power ON) function. Support Wake-On-LAN by PME. Support USB Resume in S3. Onboard Post-Port LED display. Support AGP-Master for protection against improper AGP card insertion. Athlon XP (1500+ to 3200+) @ 266/333/400MHz FSB.ChipSet: FVIA KT600 AGPset (KT600 + VT8237). Support up to 3 GB system memory. Expansion Slots: Six PCI connectors compliant with PCI v2.2. One 1.5v AGP- 8X/4X connector compliant with AGP v3.0. USB: Eight USB connectors compliant with USB2.0 (4 connectors at rear panel). S-ATA: Two S-ATA ports with up to 150MBps bandwidth.IDE: Two IDE interfaces (up to 4 IDE devices) with UDMA-33, ATA-66/100/133 support. IDE RAID: Two additional ATA-133 IDE ports with RAID 0, 1, 0+1,1.5 support from onboard HighPoint HPT-372 RAID controller.

Supports: AMD Athlon XP/Duron Processors Chipset: VIA KT600
Front Side Bus (FSB) 266/333/400 MHz 6 x PCI v2.2 connectors
1 x AGP 8x/4x v3.0 8 x USB 2.0 connectors
Supports up to 3Gb system memory


Only £76.00

Bad Luck? It Never rains, but it pours

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