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Logitech Z-680 and soundstorm

Ive recently got some lurvly Z-680 speakers from logitech for a crimbo pressie. Im using them on my Abit NF7-S Rev. 2.0 onboard soundstorm setup, and im having some problems. Firstly, i wanted to connect them using the analog connections (black, green, orange/yellow wires) so i put black to black and green to green. The only problem is i cant see a yellow/orange plug on my motherboard, so i just put it in the pink one . When i got everything up, i set it to input: direct and effect Music, and everything was fine. When i came to change the effect, however, i found it only uses all the speakers when the effect is either music or movie. If i put it on 6Chnl Direct or stereo, only the sub and two front speakers work (centre channel doesnt). If i put it on Stereox2 all the satallites work apart from centre channel, and the sub works. I cant figure out why it does this, unless its supposed to...but nothing changes no matter which slot i put the yellow/orange plug into

if anyone has any idea what im doing wrong i will be most greatful,

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