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Epox K85A2+ will only post with one DIMM at a time.

System specs:

PSU: 300 Watt Antec (About 1-2 years old)
CPU: Athlon XP 1700+
Motherboard: Epox K85A2+
Original Memory: 1 Samsung 256MB PC2700 (single sided)
New Memory: 2 Corsair 512MB PC2700 (dual sided)
AGP Card: ATI Radeon 9600 128MB
IDE 0-0: Maxtor 60GB 7200PRM ATA133
IDE 1-0: Liteon 16x DVD-ROM
IDE 1-1: Samaung 48x/24x/16x CDRW
IDE 2-0: Maxtor 15GB 7200RPM ATA100
PCI Slot 4: Turtlebeach Santa Cruz
HSF: Volcano 7 (edit: for got to mention fans.)
Fans: 1 80mm low RPM chassis fan

Now here is the problem, the board will only POST with a single DIMM slot occupied. It will work with any of the memory modules if they are alone in that first slot, but not in any variation with memory in the other slots. The POST code on the LED is "C1". If I unseat the from the 2nd DIMM slot whatever memory was in there and try to boot it will not POST with the same "C1" code on the LED, until I reseat the lone DIMM and try to boot again. Sometimes the 2nd DIMM I will have seated firmly and it will boot, but not recognise it as being present.

So far I have tried loading BIOS defaults, tripple checking the DIMMs are all seated as well as they can possibly be (I have sore fingers and thumbs to prove it), upped the voltage to the DIMMs in steps to 2.8v, tried flashing the BIOS with the latest available version, and attempted manually specification of memory settings show below. I'm reasonably sure it has to be the motherboard, but not completely sure. I was thinking it might be the power supply as it is only 300W and I have plenty of devices(As I listed) to cause a power drain. Ideas/Conclusions?

Manual Memory Settings as referenced earlier:
system performance-normal
current fsb-133
current dram freq-133
dram clock-133
Dram timing-manual
sdram cycle length-2.5
bank interleave - disabled
precharge to active (trp)- 2T
active to precharge (tras) 6T
active to CMD (trcd)- 3T
dram burst length- 4
dram queue depth- level 4
dram command rate-2T
dclk1 timing- auto
dclko timing-auto
fast r-w turnaround- Enabled
continuous dram request- disabled
write recovery time- 3T

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