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8RDA+ rev 1.1 , rig in sig

In my sig I put what was reported by the nvidia utility program but when I removed my nb heatsink , the nb was all black and ended in A1 ? ( I don't know the nb codes ) . It will run a XP2500 Barton as a XP3200 Barton 11 X 200 all day and super stable @ 1.675vcore and 8-3-3-2.5 memory in my sig , the memory timing was selected by the bios itself for optimal setting /auto , all I did was set the fsb to 200 and leave optimal and auto on everything else . I did lower the vdimm voltage to 2.6 because the auto setting ran it up to 2.8 and I upped the vcore to 1.675 because most said it would need it , I did not even try 1.65vcore . I have a 40mm 8cfm fan screwed onto stock nb heatsink and ceramique under it , passive sink on sb , sinks on mosfets . I'm using the 10/17/2003 bios and the nvidia 3.13 chipset driver. The nb temp stays about 28C unless I up the vdimm above 2.6v . Vdd cycles between 1.552v - 1.568v .
8RDA+ rev 2.1 @ 11 X 200fsb w/XPM 2500B IQYHA 0348SPMW @ 1.55Vcore , Hyper X DDR400 2 X 256M dc 6-3-3-2 , ATI 9600 , ThermalRight ALX-800 w/ Panaflo U , Antec SL-450 , winXP sp2
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