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While we are on the subject of vdd mods, I did mine about 1 year ago using the variable resistor, every once in a while , lately, twice in the past 3 weeks--it will boot up just fine and then restart, if I look at the voltage while it is starting up ( great thing about that health monitor bootup screen) , I see that the vdd voltage dropped back to 1.57v, like I didn't even do the modification, just touching the variable resistor adjusting screw, actually pushing lightly with a small screwdriver, will get the voltage to jump right back up to 1.85v . It had me scared the first time, I thought the wire came off, I redid the mod and used silicone sealer to apply the adjuster to the side of the dimm slot.
If you are unsure about doing this mod, you should get someone else to do it, like at a ham radio club or a TV repairman (dying breed, but still around if you look). If you are going to do this yourself you can practice on an old motherboard or radio, Use illumination and magnification as well as a pencil type soldering iron , Radio Shack has a 15 watter for about $9.00.
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