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Originally Posted by Staz
I had a simalar problem while hooking up my Monsoon MH-505 speakers.

I think you're going to either play with it or read the manual. I think the green and black are reversed and the orange one goes to the connector closest to the motherboard on the set of 3 jacks.

I don't have my abit system with me or the manual. What I did was to hook up the wires the way they looked like they should be. Then used the toan test in the soundstorm control panle only to find that my left front speaker said it was center and my right front tried to play a sub wolfer note.

I just used trial and error and the toan test to get all the toans coming from where they should.

I am sure that the jacks you use are the 2 on top and the one closest to the mobo directly below.
This is further confused with the abilty to swap some of the input/outputs over in the driver. Have a look on that for an idea where stuff might go. I've got this to come... should have some 5.1`s on order soon
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