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Unhappy "BIOS Flash" Prompt on boot (8RGMI) .... ooops!

Hi all. I purchased this motherboard off ebay and was promised that the board was a working board when it was sent ( yeh I know ). I am using an Athlon XP 2500+ 333fsb and 2 x 256mb of pc3200 elixir mem. On first boot all seemed fine, POST was successful and went to bios loaded defaults. Second boot ok too. At this point I have no drives (not even fd) connected. I made some changes to BIOS settings such as boot order and changing fsb to 166 for a laugh. Save and exit.
At this point I get what looks like a Bios flashing screen saying "Do not power down or reset. Please wait!" So I waited for roughly 30 mins and nothing happens. so... I press reset. Whispering under my breath "but this will kill the system".... well guys I think I've killed the system.
I've tried reseting the cmos and different psu and memory (1 x 512mb of pc2700 crucial). No change.
So what was the bios flash menu. Remember no drives connected.
Please help!!!

Incedentally, what happens is that when you power on the fan's start up but not video activity or audible responses, e.g. beeps.

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