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Hey Invalid, I've got a similar roblem with my setup! I've got the same board as you and using the SPDIF Optical Output to digital amp and speaker set.
When I first set everything up, about 2 months ago, I could use the nForce Control Panel to switch between 2,4 or 6 speakers and monior the output of each channel as well. It all worked great and sounded good too.
Then, I toyed with the nForce 3.13 Drivers and they screwed the nForce Control Panel right up! Nothing worked, so I formatted and reinstalled, but still used the 3.13 Drivers.
Now, the rear channels only output when certain Environments are used. If I set it to "No Effects" and 4 speaker set up, only the front two work, same with 6 speaker set up! Have you noticed this too?

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