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Originally Posted by Invalid
Hey Laz,
I use the latest drivers for my board, i cant remember the version right now, but when i toyed with the control panel it didnt seem to do anything ...the only 2 effects that use all speakers on my system are Movie and Music, any of the others and one or more speakers dont work at all ...i really wanted to get 6 Channel direct working with all speakers cus that looks to be the best surround sound option, kinda has that feel with it when i use that effect, even though not all speakers are working...
At the moment im just sticking to Music effect because i can change various settings like Panorama/Dimension etc...but i thought with the optical cable i would get all the speakers would work because there is only 1 effect on that input - i was wrong

Hey, I also have the same board, but I have a receiver going to my board using an optical cable and if you don't select "Dolby Digital Encoding", and if you put 6 channel, and put digital output, then all six will work as I toyed with settings and that is what happened to me. I have the latest nforce 2 drivers.
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