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Originally Posted by t_style
I'm also having troubles with rev. 1.1 8rda+ and above 185 Mhz FSBs... It keeps crashing/booting in 3d apps.

I'm running 2500+ Barton and Kingston KHX-3000, both should be able to meet the 185 Mhz FSB limit, so it has to be the mobo...
again we are at that place where "your results may vary". lots of
issues with the high fsb on rev1.1 have been narrowed down to 2.
the low <1.85v on un-modded mb and the heat. the nb seems to be
very sensitive to both. extra cooling on the nb is a must. even at the
default voltage. the extra cooling can be worth as much as 15MHz.
then you volt mod the mb and the heat gets worse.
Istill don't have enough cooling on my nb but it does 185fsb @ def.
2500+@2230, 12*185, 1.6vcore, 1.65vio, 2.5vdimm, Corsair3200XMS.
not too bad for a fsb oc. the only thing that happens when the voltages are raised is more heat and an unstable system.

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