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I think the 2800+ is the barton.

the 2600+ = 2.13 is running 266fsb
the 2600+ = 2.08 is running 333fsb.

the 2600+ = 1.92 is running 333fsb
the 2800+ = 2.08 is running 333fsb
the 3000+ = 2.10 is running 400fsb
the 3200+ = 2.20 is running 400fsb

Gotta love AMD's naming system.
AMD offers 3 models of 2600+, and you the dumb consumer are supposed to think they're the same... Only those annoying hobbyists are confusing the situaiton, trying to identify the core, and the stock FSB for no good reason.... except to try to match compatibility with their systems.
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