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If it is going to die it will most likely do so real soon. If it is fine after a week it will probibly last for many more years. IMHO anyway.

If you swap out the fan yourself it may void any warrenty. If you are worried about it the safe thing to do is see if you can RMA it.

I had a leadtek card and the fan died on it. I tried to RMA it but the website I bought it from wanted me to pay return shipping. I contacted Leadtek directly and they gave me the option of sending back to them or haveing them send me a replacement fan. I chose to have them send me the fan and it came along with a blistir pack of white grease and an instruction sheet. Kudos for Leadtek. Maybe ATi will do the same. won't hurt to ask.

Instead of waiting on Leadtek I took an old K6 cpu cooler and stuck it on the GPU and left it there. Never had a problem.

You may just want to do that also.
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