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Originally Posted by Drazen xxx
I can't get my Barton 2500+ to run stable on 11*200MHz.
I also have 2*256MB DDR400 GEIL.
Do i have to flash my bios or just get the NB cooling?
i had a similar problem, and took me a bit to figure out what it was. the main factors to achieve 200 on this board is its voltage. I once had a rev 1.0, supplied 1.58v and i never got it above 200 bus, using an xp2400 and same ram i have now. i then got a rev 1.1, it had 1.62 v and did 200 bus with the 2400 all day long.

now i have also modded the NB with an iceburg, and put another sink/fan on the SB. just as precautionary measures. thing that confused me was, knowing the board was capable of 200 bus, it didnt run over 185 stable when i upgraded to a 2500 for better oc ability. i ran everything the same, but couldnt get over 185, then finally i found that it was the cpu setting in the bios. i had it on aggressive, and the 2400 handled that fine. but for some reason the barton didnt. so i put it on optimal, and immediately lost a little in performance, but that gave me more headroom , and now have 212 stable. so if you have yours on aggressive, try optimal . assuming your ram and everything else is capable . my timings are 2-3-3-6 at 212 and i ran 2-2-2-4 when it was 200 bus. also keep in mind your powersupply and check its voltage lines.

good luck .
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