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epox answer to the 2.96vdimm problem

i emailed epox a few days ago stating the vdimm problem and its in ability to provide the proper voltage over 2.9. here is there response :

As you mentioned, it is the limitation of hardware design on new EP-4PCA3+
Rev 2.2 motherboard that cannnot increase Vdimm voltage over 2.9 volts.
Becasue, it is for protecting the component of hardware due to increase the
Vdimm too high that is a risky thing. According to that, we strongly suggest
you to set Vdimm voltage in defaults.

Thank you for your interest in EPoX products and contacting our support
department. If you reply ensure to include all previous E-mail text. It will
prevent unnecessary delays and guarantee the fastest possible response.

Best Regards,
2.8c SL6Z5 @ 3.5 (250x14) 1.58 volts
Epox 4pca3+ V2.2
Swiftech W/C - Lite-On FS020 case 3x120mm fans (384 cfm)
Antec true power 430
1GB mushkin lvl 2 pc3500 (2x512ds)
Western Digital 73GB Raptor
Sapphire 9800n/p bios modded to pro 407/351 (3dmark03 - 6127)
NEC 1100 dvd writer
zip 250 ide
P1100 21" monitor
logitech elite duo
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