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Better results

Just had to post, VERY happy with my recent changes!

Although the day started off very bad, the machine in sig is beeping at me as I wake up. I restart and see my temps are skyrocketing. Bummer, my best folder down for the count and I was running late for work. Long story short, I shut down the 2 comps I have running on the chilled water, replaced the cheap aluminum block with Dangerden maze3. Upon restart--WOW, 10-13 degrees celsius (WHILE FOLDING), what a difference a waterblock makes! (was running 45-55 with the same overclock)

Makes me wonder if I can run the next highest multi (16x166?) with some more volts, heat obviously won't be an issue. (remember this is the moboard with NO FSB headroom so multi is the only option)

XP2500+ @ 12.5*200(2.5Ghz), 1.95V, 12 degrees C while folding, ABIT NF7S ver 2.0, custom chilled water cooling with DangerDen Maze3, 512M PC3200 OC System RAM 6-3-3-2, Thermaltake 420W power supply, ASUS GF4 ti4200 (290/499), windows2k SP4
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