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8rda3+ Awsome quality control... but at the end, good mobo!

Beautiful, isn't it ?...
lets imagine a week, lets say, a monday... i used the board with Volcano12 from monday to thursday, on friday the board went to a friend of mine and he only uses Watercooling (socket holes), the next thursday i receive the board again, and i inserted the V12 like many many other times on many many boards... but, this time, the cooler was a bit loose.... and a big FF when trying to boot... obviously the cpu pins where not touching the socket correctly... nice! first time on a life time that happens to me...

the board returned to that friend of mine, and with glue on the entire base of the broken part, the board worked again...

conclusion, way to go Epox QC! use more GLUE on the next mobo!


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