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That is an OOW return, my staff would probably assess it and then show it to me (I have a degree in Polymer Science - they're forever asking me mechanics questions and plastics questions) and ask my opinion - based upon that I'd make a decision in the particular case. It would be sbject to overall PCB condition etc - screwdriver marking et al.

With the example shown I'd need to assess whether the break was ductile, semi, quasi or catastrophic brittle failure - that way you begin to be able to know in what manner the breakage happened.

You see a lot of the time many many things that are really bad - people get thermal compound everywhere except on the die of the cpu, always very obvious signs of backwards HSF fitting etc. You guys aren't privvy to the horror show that exists in a lot of returns - but a lot of physical damage exists - some people perhaps tend to forget that they are dealing with elecontronic componentry and don't treat boards as gently as they should be.
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