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Is the Volcano 12 an AMD approved cooling solution ? Are the clip down force (Nm) and cooler weight (g) within AMD specification ?

my computer case is my table, horizontal position, weight is no matter in here... and the clip down force is one of the "lightest" and "soft" and "easy" i've had... but i dont have a way to show you this, so you will have to believe my word on this if you want too

that socket broke so easily, that i didn't even notice it... but i did notice that the heatsink wasn't rock stable...

it was unlucky, i was only using air cooling with this board, because the Waterchiller is without anti-freezing liquid, but the board was only 1 week old when it broke...

well, i had all epox board since 8kha+ to this latest one, and i hope this was just an isolated case... i dont like when my mobo's die with factory problems instead of Vmods or something else lol

thanks, cya
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