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Originally posted by Mr. Fix-it
Please make another board with cpu voltage adjustment over 2.0v like the 8K7A is.
I hate having to do mod's.
I believe Epox Tech mentioned somewhere that the 8KHA2 would combine the overclocking features of the 8K7A with the KT266A chipset. I'll see if I can dig it up. And welcome to the forum!

EDIT: Found it! A quote from Epox Tech:

A good pointer would be - 8KHA+ has everything in BIOS, but doesn't have extreme VccCore alteration without modification. It does however have extreme VDimm voltage.

8K7A+ on the other hand has increased VccCore manipulation and of course does have RAID but doesn't have so much VDimm adjustment.

8KHA2 that will be out in January will offer the best of both worlds in a quad phase power solution which will introduce AGP voltage alteration to us to assist with video card overclocking also (remember 8KTA3 series).
And of course, a link to the thread would be nice: Should I buy a 8KHA+ or 8K7A+ M/B?
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