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Benchmarking comparison

Now that I finally have my gaming box about where I want it, I have a quick (maybe) question.

Just wondering where a moderately overclocked Barton stacks up against the top (stock) intel or 64's. For example I'm running 200 FSB with a 12.5 multi, giving me 2.5 Ghz. This is much faster than the 3200+ chip (the standard for AMD prior to the 64fx), how would it hang with the new leaders, given the same componants. I can't really test myself cause I haven't upgraded to new video card yet, so my benchies wouldn't equal a 9800 or 5950.

Interested in any opinions or experience.

XP2500+ @ 12.5*200(2.5Ghz), 1.95V, 12 degrees C while folding, ABIT NF7S ver 2.0, custom chilled water cooling with DangerDen Maze3, 512M PC3200 OC System RAM 6-3-3-2, Thermaltake 420W power supply, ASUS GF4 ti4200 (290/499), windows2k SP4
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