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The benchies I've seen seem to indicate that the A64 3200+ is slightly better than the XP3200+. Given that most people who do benches will agree that the 3200+ rating for the XP was a start with, this makes the A64 3200+ a more serious competitor to the P4.........on 32-bit software.......on a 32-bit OS. Once support for A64 really hits, expect to gain another 20% or so. As for EE and Hyperthreading........well, EE seems to gain you MAYBE 2-3%, unless you get something that will fit wholely in the EEs cache that won't fit in a normal P4s cache. Hyperthreading though, can really give the P4 an advantage (upwards of 20%) in multithreaded applications, or when you have several apps running concurrently. One of my machines at work has a dual cpu setup, and another one has a P4 2.8C. The dual cpu machine handles multiple tasks a bit better than the P4 machine, but the P4C is definitely better than a machine that doesn't have HT. Note, however, that I frequently run multiple apps at the same time.
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