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Itanium isn't really the kind of platform that a 754 pin A64 is - hence differing OS for the differing segments. It's not an anti intel thing - its a completely different technology thing. You can't run WIN NT 4 Sparc edition on a P3 for instance.

NFrenay -

With only 512MB of Samsung TCCC in there it is like lightning - hard disk performance is the biggy - because 64bit memory transfers are so fast natively, DMA is superfluous to what you are used to and IDE performance becomes like SCSI - it really is something else. You want to see how fast the textures load on 3DMark03. Put a SATA RAID array to it using the new Hyperion BETA and you will seriously end up with messy pants. Even if theres not much in the way of drivers yet (although as shown the ATi card used and EPoX NVidia cards all have fully 3D enabled drivers included within the - you can play your games on it straight off). The OS is better than any other BETA I've ever tried in terms of stability and completeness.

It comes with service pack 1 extensions and direct X 9 x86-64 already installed. Support natively for loads of Networking and SCSI stuff makes it wonderful. The only drivers I'm missing that work are for my 3com gigabit and sil image taurus controller.

Shame that my laptop is a mere Pentium M !!!
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