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8rda+ dodgy bios?

Hey, I just got an 8rda+ and an athalon 2800+ chip and installed them both. I have reinstalled windows 2000 and flashed the bios so it recognises the new chip. When it does work it works just fine, the bios recognises the 2800+ and boots normally, but, every so often when I turn on the pc the monitor dosen't come out of standby mode and I have to restart the pc to get it to come on. Even more worrying than that, every few days the bios "forgets" the CMOS settings for the chip and I have to go into bios setup and re-set the fsb speed and multiplyer to get the thing to boot.

oh and I have noticed the usb keyboard led staying on after the power is off but I think I just wired the USB socket up wrong.

is the motherboard faulty or is it something I have done or not done that is causing the problem? any help would be greatly apprieciated, thanks.
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