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Well, got my AN-7 yesterday. I gotta say, I really LIKE this board!

No socket thermistor, reads temps right of the CPU diode. Unfortunately, neither MBM nor 8rdavcore can handle the board, so two of my favorite utilities are useless. On the other hand, it does come with a utility called uGuru that replaces some of the functionality of those two utilities.

So, it monitors CPU, Motherboard, and PWM temps. The PWM is a nice touch, 'cause it lets you see if you are in danger of suffering a nuclear meltdown on your VReg for your VCore. It also has fan controls and speed monitors built in so that you can adjust the speed of the fans on the CPU, NorthBridge, and System Fans.

All in all, a nice upgrade from the NF7-S. And it only cost me 1$ more at NewEgg.

BTW, with this mobo, I'm running stable at 2600, with a VCore of 2.15, using my water cooler. That's 134 Watts at full load. And my temp never gets over 45C. My VReg does hit about 75C though. I'm definitely gonna have to do something about that.
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