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Ok, so here's the pics I was gonna post when last I skragged my mobo.

First pic is of my CPU when I pulled it out of my previous setup (the fixed position water jet). Notice the discolored area on the right side. I'm not quite sure what this is, but it seems to be baked on. I actually had to sand part of it off, although most of it simply scraped off. Careful inspection of the CPU does not appear to be the result of corrosion. That's just a guess, as I'm no metalurgist. However, it suggests that I'm not getting enough cooling on this part of the chip. Since my existing jet is symmetric (covering all of the core equally), this suggests that I need to make the jet a bit asymmetric to divert more water over this part of the core. That actually makes sense, since it seems like about half of this core is devoted to the cache, IIRC.

Since I was building a new water block for testing purposes, I thought I'd try to document some of what I was doing. Unfortunately, the pics didn't come out very well. This pic is of the bottom piece of the cube, which mounts directly over the CPU core. Notice the rectangular cutout for the CPU core. Notice also, that I have beveled the edges of the cutout. This helps water coming off the core to get back up into the block efficiently and be removed.

Here we have pics of two different jet arrangements that I wanted to try. The left one is basically a rectangular nozzle coming from 1/2" (12 mm) copper tubing and narrowing down to a size and shape similar to the core. This design sucks . The one on the right is my 8 mini-jet rig. Notice the ring around both nozzles. This ring allows me to attach an O-Ring to the nozzle, so that I can slide it in and out of my block without leaking water. This is how I was able to play with nozzle height placement. It also allows me a moderate amount of side-to-side and up-down movement as well, thus allowing me to place the nozzle at any point within a fairly limited 3D space. After looking things over, I took 4 of the jets off one side of the the 8 jet arrangement, which allowed me to focus all of my water onto one half of the CPU core (the half that gets hottest). BTW, please don't make fun of my brazing skills.

Finally, this is a pic of the two units as seen from the top.
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