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Lol, i have soo many heatsinks from yesteryear....

First there was the bigass globalwin thing for my SLot Athlon.. one that came with the ducting and everything.
Then I upgraded to Socket A! And got a FOP38.... then at a comp fair i bought a no-name sink that kicked its ass for 8quid..
Then Spode needed a duron for his heatsink roundup, so i swapped a duron600 (which originally came from him somehow, i dont remember) for a WBK68 and another of the NO-name sinks.
Then, the fan on the WBK decided to shoot a fin, so it became a WBK 38 with the fop38 fan..
The noise annoyed me soo much i went and bought a Taisol 760 from Tekheads, and killed the fan about an hour after getting it (same fan as WBK68, had worlds most fragile blades! innovative POS)
I had dabbled with watercooling on and off in that time, and picked up about 7or8 no-name heatsink from comp fair which looked interesting....

Now I'm watercooled with a Swiftech MCW462b - Dunno how i managed with the fop noise for so long! Still with my forst socket A processor, trust duron800@1000 ish (its a moody bastard)
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