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Question 4PCA3+ rev1.1 support P4 3.4C 800FSB ?

I have a problem with 4PCA3+ rev1.1 using my new P4 3.4C stock vcore is 1.55v

Problem at stock speeds:

1. intermittently /sometimes when i reboot from WinXP SP1 with latest updates - i will be greeted with bios checksum error with post diagnostic code: 16 - Initial Early_Init_Onboard_Generator Switch. There's no probs installing winxp pro sp1, memtest'ing for several hours and priming for 10hrs but only when i reboot ???

4pca3+ rev1.1 with 03/07/2003 bios with 1.475v vcore in bios which is 1.55v real at idle and jumps around between 1.48-1.58v. Besides 1.45v vcore giving me 1.68v idle vcore, all other bios vcore options are <1.375-1.475v while P4 3.4C stock vcore is 1.55v. Latest bios 09/02/2004 and last couple all only give me 1.6v max vcore option in bios which is 1.52v vcore.

But still reboot and bios checksum

2. i've tried the last 5 4pca3+ bios releases, and all but one bios release, gives my rev1.1 board max 1.6v vcore which according to bios is only 1.52v idle vcore really

only 03/07/2003 bios allows me to use 1.45v vcore in bios = 1.55v real and 1.475v in bios gives me 1.68v real vcore all other bios options including default/AUTO give me vcore between 1.375-1.475v real

so question is does 4PCA3+ rev1.1 support P4 3.4C 800FSB northwood cpu ? CPUZ reports the cpu speed and stuff fine

my system is

P4 3.4C 800FSB L344B046 Malay
4PCA3+ rev1.1 with MCX478-V heatsink
2x 512MB XMS3500C2
128MB Gigacube 9600PRO VIVO
120GB WD 1200JB on IDE1
550W Antec TrueControl PSU

Epox 4PCA3+ rev 1.1
Shuttle AN50R
Abit AI7
Asus P4C800-E rev 1.02
Albatron PX865PE PRO2 1.02 beta bios
Abit IC7 15 bios

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