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It depends on the stepping of your CPU. If it is an AXIA or better, it should do ok... maybe 1.4 or better.

Cooling is important.. I suggest under 50c to be safe, but it is important to know that mobos vary in terms of temp readings. What cooling are you using? Both increasing voltage AND increasing mhz will increase heat. A relatively safe and conservative way to overclock is to just up the FSB a bit at a time to see what you can get.

Is the CPU locked? what is the multiplier? I think a 1.1 is running 11 x 100, so upping your fsb a bit at a time might be the easiest method. If you have good memory, PC133 or PC2100, you can unlock the cpu (close all L1's) and raise the FSB while decreasing the multiplier.

Overclocking by it's nature is experimentation... Go slow, read up, and test and compare at every juncture.
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