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Originally Posted by Áedán
Two reasons: Cost and timing problems.

The high speed RAM is more expensive than slower RAM. It's also lower density, so you need more chips to acheive the same amount of memory. For example both Hynix and Samsung do 1Gbit DDR chips for standard RAM. They only do 256Mbit chips for Graphics RAM.

I haven't been able to find out any pricing however.

The second point is that as RAM gets faster, timing becomes more and more critical. In order to run very high speed RAM, you need to remove the sockets, as they add latency to the signals. This means soldering the RAM directly to the motherboard. That leads people with no way of upgrading/changing their RAM should they wish to do so!
Hmmm... well... from my (admittedly sheep following) understanding bh-5 are the daddy?

Also agreed with both on the point of cost but we've seen with the silly prices some people can get for BH-5 based ram like the mush level 2, folks WILL pay big bucks to be at the very bleeding edge. Thats without talking about prommies, extreme/expensive mods etc.

In reply to aedan about the ram - its asking for trouble in certain areas but on the very top performance boards why not have chip holders attached directly to the board? Yes it mean that once you move outside the "window" of upgradability the board was designed for you have to buy a new board but this happens now - just not as often and again - for very top end - the market appears to be there

With the point about Ram sizes - i've not yet seen single chips over 128MB used in the home market either on graphics or system memory? 1 gig chips tend to be double sided PCB`s with 4 chips each side (1024) and graphics cards tend to be max of 8 chips also - 4 on each side (so would assume are using 64MB chips.)

Just a few ideas I been mulling over so thought Id throw to the floor
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