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oi i want to overclock my cpu brad i have a P4 3.0 and i geting 54oC should i overclock or wait till i get watercooling in a few months i have to buy 2 cold cathode firsted then i going to put green dye in the water can i overclock my ram it isn't the really good Geil stuff PC-3200 1024MB GeIL DDR CAS 2.5 (2x 512mb)
i wanted this stuff but i got the cheaper 1 cause i didn't have lots of money
GeIL Ultra Platinum PC3200 400MHz Dual Channel DDR Kit
there have the same ram in both stick right so what the differents is it the timings
P4 3.0 800mhz fsb
Geil PC 3200 DDR ram 1gig dual channel
MB Abit IC7 MAX 3 i love this board
120 gig Sata 80 gig ATA
Logitech Z5300
Housed in Thermaltake Xaser III 2000A
550 watt Antec True Control
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