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Originally Posted by scottman
oi i want to overclock my cpu brad i have a P4 3.0 and i geting 54oC should i overclock or wait till i get watercooling in a few months i have to buy 2 cold cathode firsted then i going to put green dye in the water can i overclock my ram it isn't the really good Geil stuff PC-3200 1024MB GeIL DDR CAS 2.5 (2x 512mb)
i wanted this stuff but i got the cheaper 1 cause i didn't have lots of money
GeIL Ultra Platinum PC3200 400MHz Dual Channel DDR Kit
there have the same ram in both stick right so what the differents is it the timings
oi! 54C is quite high for a p4 but then again you are in aus... my 3.0 @ 3.4 used to be at about 45C, as far as the memory goes they may both be 5ns chips but thats not necessarily the same chip they use, also the gold plating and the fact that they are hand picked could also be the difference, im getting some of this tomorrow
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