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Angry Epox 8RDA+ burnt mark, dead board. (+pictures)


I have been running on this board on linux for a few months. I decided to get a VIA Barebone as I had to move PC to my room and couldn't tolerate the noise at night, while still in need of a 24hr/day server. Long story short, I moved the PC to my room, plugged it into the mains, and...

SIREN!, wee ooo, wee ooo, wee ooo. I straight away held the power button for 5 seconds and it turned off. This was the last time it made any kind of sound or for that matter feedback.

I tried turning on and off a few times, nothing. Concidering it has been running without a reboot for 2 months, this is strange. I decided to migrate hard drive over to the Via, since I needed to get some work done pronto, and noticed a black mark on the case about 2cm from the motherboard.

A bad word came to my head which was soon confirmed when I layed the case on its side to see a burnt mark under the capacitor near the last PCI slot.

Anyway, not to bore you, the board is dead. Shows FF on the debug LCD, and actually on my recent try to turn it on, it turned off about a second after. Anyway, its still under warranty so unlike the person with the same issue on I'll be able to get an RMA for it, or maybe not?

I will post pictures tomorrow morning, its 2am here, and I'm too tired.

A few more details is there are no black spots on the other side of the board and no other strange black burnt marks anywhere else on the board. In anycase, give me whatever suggestions you can think of? any specific picture angle requests? any other comments, instructions, whatever?

Yet another slightly less than satisfied epox user,

EDIT: started threads linking here on the following pages:
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Epox 8RDA+ burnt mark, dead board. (pictures to come)-img_3872.jpg   Epox 8RDA+ burnt mark, dead board. (pictures to come)-img_3874.jpg   Epox 8RDA+ burnt mark, dead board. (pictures to come)-img_3875.jpg   Epox 8RDA+ burnt mark, dead board. (pictures to come)-img_3877.jpg   Epox 8RDA+ burnt mark, dead board. (pictures to come)-img_3879.jpg  


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