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Originally Posted by Daniel ~
God! I just hate it when I'm asked to take responsibility for my own actions! LOL
Ok, I dont think you understand. I have NOT been overclocking the board, it was running at stock voltage for everything but ram (heatsyncs on ram), and although I run the AMD Athlon 2500+ as 2800+, that was only since it was detected this way, and I thought, hell, epox knows best.

The PC was running mostly as a server, so I have taken every step to ensure its reliability.

And mainstream users should expect to be able to run the board without switch off on relatively low load, so while your board failures were probably your fault, mine certainly wasnt.

I owned many boards, always with this type of usage, and while I had problems with some, this is the first of its kind and I have NEVER heard similar things about any other boards. This however seems very common for Epox boards.

The only reason I put a question mark for the RMA request is because Epox are known for their less than adequate customer service as seen on

In anycase, think what you will. The pictures which I'm moving from camera to PC as we speak will prove my innocence.

EDIT: Added the pictures, and will link to this thread directly on the bug report, hopefully Epox will prove me wrong.

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