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Originally Posted by gizmo
This looks like a definite RMA candidate. It wasn't your cap that blew, judging by the pictures. I can't see well enough from the pictures, but it looks like there was either a diode or a transistor next to it on the mobo, and that suffered what is refered to as a 'catastrophic' failure.

If you have a DMM, you should check your PSU before you plug anything else into it, and make sure that it is regulating properly. Since this board is already fried, you can use it as your guinea pig.
Thanks for the reply and advice, I tried the PSU with an older SMP P3 board I had, and it seems fine. Its a high quality Enermax PSU 430W so I don't think it was the problem, its been running rock stable for a couple of years now, and shows no signs of dying on me.

As for using the motherboard as a test unit, doesn't seem like a possibility. I recently tried to plug it in, it just switches itself off about a second or 2 after being switched on, just enough to get a glimpse of the FF on the debug LCD.

I think I'm just going to wait for a reply from Epox support, request an RMA and send it in to be examined and hopefully replaced.

When taking the MB out of the case the second time however, the black burnt out cover over the blown compunent came off, and I see a bronze coloured plate. It doesnt' mean much to me, but maybe could mean something to some of you?

I can take a picture if needed.
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