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I had nearly the same problem with my now deceased was the motherboard that fried and also took out my power supply. Now I have an Abit NF-7 S and a new Antec trupower 430W power supply and my son's machine is back up and running oc'd to the max running 24/7 folding for humanity (when not being used to frag all comers in Black Hawk Down ...LOL) Sometimes I love "catastrophic failures" as they give me excuse to upgrade. My ATI 9800pro graphics card bit the dust 2 weeks ago so I bought a new 9800XT to replace it....woooohooooo! The moral of the story is every cloud has a silver lining...just a little hard to see it sometimes.
Abit NF7-S with 2100+ T-Bred "B" @2406MHz (200X12) Vcore 1.775V, VDIMM 2.9V, VDD 1.82V 2X256M Twinmos/Winbond PC3200 6,2,2,2.0 DDR,SLK800 with 84CFM Tornado,ATI Radeon 9700 Pro, Antec Truepower 430W ps.
80G WD HDD w/8M cache Windows XP Pro
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