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Post EP-8RDA+ and ps/2 mouse problems


I'm having some very wierd mouse problems with a ps2 port on my EP-8RDA+ (rev 2.1) motherboard. Actually i'm not totally sure, if it is the motherboard (no specific error codes, just FF), but i have read some similar reports about it.

Anyways the thing is that lately my mouse has totally stopped working. One day it just died in my hands, i tried to restart (that has happened before a very few times and it did work earlier), but no luck this time...

So basically the mouse wasn't working at all anymore, after the restart, bios said "CMOS updated" or something, so no recognization at all. I tried a different mouse and the same thing, and the mice work on other pc's. I tried removing the power led connectors and everything else, didn't work.

So i guessed the ps2 port was faulty. I sent it back to the store and the people there said that the mouse port was working fine.

I brought the motherboard back home and tried all kinds of things (leaving only necessary), nothing. Then i put some new thermal grease on my cpu. Now the computer recognized the mouse, but while working in windows (2000), the mouse wasn't acting totally correct and was kind of janky. After a few minutes it just died again. So for while the mouse did work some how.

With the new thermal grease the CPU temperature went down alot (it was about 50C, now it's about 40C with side case open). Right now the connection with the mouse is lost again. I also thought that it might have something to do with the voltages provided by my psu, but i believe my psu is fine (300W Component Pro, AOpen case, +5 is stable at 4.95V, -5 is about 5.12). Everything seems to be okay to me.

Oh... and the weather has been a lot warmer lately (i put the new pc together in winter, now the summer is coming).

I'm quite lost right now and ran out of ideas. All kind of ideas, similar experiences etc. are welcome.
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