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Many moons ago I bought an 8RDA+ and I could not get the keyboard to work. It was intermittent too, someitmes I could get into the BIOS and other times the kyeboard was dead from the moment I hit power. I tried several different power supplies (ET didn't think much of my 550W Q-Tec powah!) and 3 different keyboards but no go.
Installing Windows was impossible as the keyboard would die, lights would go out, right at the Win Setup screen. Dont know about the mouse functionality!
I had to send it back and I got whats in my sig now.

DFI SLi-D, Opteron 144 @ 2.8Ghz, 4x512MB PDP XBLK, 160GB WD Caviar SE, Benq 1620DW DVD-RW, X1800XT 256MB,Custom WC.

AOA Team fah
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